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To a certain person I don't wanna name but we all know who she is and she has been there already right ? : Ok this is just the ultimate proof you can't live and let the others live in peace, wassup then ??. I have never slagged you off or done anything bad to you and you know it so well, but it seems you have some problems if you keep behaving like this . If you have, let's solve it as civil persons, I am willing to help cause I assure you I don't hate you but the fact you hate me or anyone is WRONG. Hating people is wrong, especially when they have done nothing to you, so you should concentrate on your real problems and enemies instead of wasting your time with people who only wanna live their life. You said we started it, started what ??. Sorry but I dunno what you mean, if you wanna tell me, contact me. But we didn't start anything, we don't like wars, we like to live in peace and to mind our own business. You should do the same don't you think ? For everyone's sake. Yours included of course ;)

To the other persons : erm, there is nothing here, at least not yet lol sorry ! I ain't time to work also on this host at the moment...I am too busy and have better things to do!.
Lots of love xxx