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The rules to be a part of Bunny Lovers United are very simple :)
1) Apply only if you have a website and if it is at least *partly* about rabbits.
2) No commercial sites or X rated/racist sites, please. I reserve the right to take you off the clique if I find out your content is not suited for children or if you didn't link back to the clique's site.
3) This clique was originally only for pet rabbits sites, but you can join if you have a rabbitry now, as long as you have a rabbit of your own a your own pet.
4) Only sites written in english can be part of B.L.U., I do enjoy surfing through sites in other languages but in this way all sites are for the same kind of public.
Here there are the steps you have to follow in order to be a member:
a) Grab a banner you find on this page and link it back to on your main page or anyway where it can be easily seen and found.
b) E-mail me here and let me know your name or nickname, the url of your site, the site's name and the name of the rabbit ( or rabbits, if more ) you love.
c)I will go to your site and check if you put the banner and linked it and will add you among the members...easy right ? ^_^
Note that I will also display your e-mail address together with your site's URL, but this can be changed at your request.
For any other problem, you can e-mail me, just allow me a short time to reply if I am in a busy period. I will do my best to help you all :)

I really hope you will join our little bunny lovers family ! Peace&love, D.