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Hi and welcome to the home of Bunny Lovers United ! I hope you'll like it and that you will join ! =)
B.L.U. is a clique dedicated to all people who have a website related to rabbits and who love rabbits, of course :)
A clique is a great way to promote your website and to meet people sharing your same interest. It is a kind of webring, bit it is less complicated !.
If you love bunnies and have a website, consider will find all the information on the rules page ! And don't forget to visit our great members' sites ! ^^
Take care all of you and lots of love xxx Dana ^(-.-)^

*Please note that dued to changes in crosswinds servers (our past location ) we have lost some information concerning the members, so if you were already a member and if you don't see your name listed, contact me as soon as possible and I will happily add you again :)*

Would you like to win this award? It is really simple, cause since all sites in B.L.U. are great, being a member gives you the right to take it and display it on your page ! Just don't forget to link it back to

B.L.U. is Dana 2000-2001, don't copy/steal!
All rights reserved, including my right to decide if you can be in the clique